Salaf on Hawa: Righteous are those who restrain their desires

Ibn Rajab reported: Some of the righteous predecessors said, “The one who fears Allah is not one who weeps and his eyes overflow with tears. Verily, one who fears Allah are only those who leave what they desire of the unlawful, when they are able to indulge it. The greatest reward are for those who obey Allah in private.”

Source: Majmū’ Rasāʼil Ibn Rajab 1/163

عن ابن رجب كان بعض السلف يقول ليس الخائف من بكى وعصر عينيه إِنَّمَا الخائف من ترك ما اشتهى من الحرام إذا قدر عليه ومن هنا عظم ثواب من أطاع الله سرًّا بينه وبينه

1/163 مجموع رسائل ابن رجب