Umar II on Gradualism: Beware forcing truth on people all at once

Ibn Abdu Rabbih reported: Abdul Malik said to his father Umar ibn Abdul Aziz, may Allah have mercy on him, “O father, what is the matter that you do not implement the commands? By Allah, I would not mind if it caused discord between us as long as it was the truth.” Umar said, “Do not make it so, my son. Verily, Allah blamed wine-drinking in the Quran twice and on the third time He made it unlawful. I fear that if I compelled people to follow the truth all at once, they would reject it all at once and that would cause a tribulation.”

Source: al-ʻIqd al-Farīd 5/185

عن ابن عبد ربه قال عبد الملك بن عمر بن عبد العزيز رحمه الله لأبيه يا أبت ما لك لا تنفذ الأمور فو الله ما أبالي لو أن القدور غلت بي وبك في الحق قال له عمر لا تعجل يا بنيّ فإنّ الله ذمّ الخمر في القرآن مرتين وحرّمها في الثالثة وأنا أخاف أن أحمل الحق على الناس جملة فيدفعونه جملة ويكون من ذلك فتنة

5/185 العقد الفريد

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