Fudayl on Mercy: A pious man weeps out of pity for the thief

Al-Ghazali reported: Al-Fudayl, may Allah have mercy on him, said, “I never saw anyone more pious than a man of Khorasan. He was sitting by me at the Sacred Mosque, then he stood to perform circumambulation. Some coins with him were stolen and it made him weep. I said: Is it over some coins you weep? The man said: No, rather I imagined him and myself before Allah Almighty. My mind envisioned the rejection of his excuse, so I wept out of mercy for him.”

Source: Iḥyā’ ‘Ulūm al-Dīn 3/184

عن الغزالي وقال الفضيل رحمه الله ما رأيت أزهد من رجل من أهل خراسان جلس إلي في المسجد الحرام ثم قام ليطوف فسرقت دنانير كانت معه فجعل يبكي فقلت أعلى الدنانير تبكي فقال لا ولكن مثلتني وإياه بين يدي الله عز وجل فأشرف عقلي على إدحاض حجته فبكائي رحمة له

3/184 إحيـاء علوم الدين

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