Abu Uthman on Suhbah: Friend to Allah, His Messenger, believers, and fools

Abu al-Husayn reported: Abu Uthman al-Hiri, may Allah have mercy on him, said, “Companionship with Allah Almighty is to have good manners, to always be reverent, and to be mindful. Companionship with the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, is to follow his Sunnah and adhere to the outward rulings. Companionship with the allies of Allah is to respect and to serve them. Companionship with one’s family and children is to have good character. Companionship with one’s brethren is to always be joyful and cheerful, unless there is sin. Companionship with the foolish is to supplicate for them, to be merciful to them, and to appreciate the blessings of Allah upon you as you have been kept safe from their trials.”

Source: Ṣifat al-Ṣafwah 2/302

عن أبي الحسين الوراق قال قال أبو عثمان الحيري رحمه الله الصحبة مع الله عز وجل بحسن الأدب ودوام الهيبة والمراقبة والصحبة مع الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم باتباع سنته ولزوم ظاهر الحكم والصحبة مع أولياء الله بالاحترام والخدمة والصحبة مع الأهل والولد بحسن الخلق والصحبة مع الإخوان بدوام البشر والانبساط ما لم يكن إثماً والصحبة مع الجهال بالدعاء لهم والرحمة عليهم ورؤية نعمة الله عليك إذ عافاك مما ابتلاهم به

2/302 صفة الصفوة

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