Tawus on Moderation: Tawus steers people towards a middle way

Layth reported: Tawus, may Allah have mercy on him, if the people became too strict in a matter, he would grant them a concessions in it. If the people became too permissive in a matter, he would make them be more strict in it. Layth said, “That is truly knowledge.”

Source: Tārīkh Ibn Abī Khaythamah 1100

عَنْ ليث قال كان طاووس رحمه الله  إذا تشدَّدَ الناس فِي شيءٍ رخَّصَ فيه وإذا ترخص الناس فِي شيء تشدد فيه قَالَ ليث وذلك العِلم

1100 تاريخ ابن أبي خيثمة

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